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CookiesUtilizamos own cookies and third party use to improve the browsing experience, and show you advertising related to your preferences. “Grab your hat and wear it, going to the Beach hot sun…” says the song, because to ignore it, in addition to being fashionable, a good hat is the best protection for your hair because they represent a physical barrier to the rays of the Sun.

Exercise should be a mix between the health and feel good about an activity and give wanting to continue it, so there are ways to train and entertain themselves with elements that can be everywhere.

A new collection autumn-winter 2015 looks out for the French House coming out of their classical romantic and classic campaigns to show us a woman different, independent, so sure of herself that doesn’t need too to attract everyone’s attention.

With few products and no reload color, this winter the LancĂ´me woman will attract all eyes with his fresh eye makeup Smoky with a thin stroke of eyeliner and delicately red lips.

Traditional kinds of localized and aerobic gymnastics have mutated in pad and Professor making static movements to better training techniques that promise to work much more and better throughout the body as a whole.…

Termosalud BSB group

2015-06-03_180214After the success of both the first and the second edition of the EXPO BSB beauty, health and well-being”has been scheduled the 3rd Edition for next 25 and 26 April. Every man woman can carry out the disciplines and strengthen shape your body according to your preferences in the same field and with a very basic element as the bike that offers multiple forms of physical activity at all ages and without risks.

Luxury in the cosmetic industry is given by the type of ingredient used for each formula and there gold, pearls, precious minerals, seaweed, salts, orchids, etc… act effectively providing all its rejuvenating power on the skin.

Among them, caviar, which is one of the most sought-after and exquisite foods that exist, is the most widely used thanks to their effectiveness as active in products such as repairing creams and Antiaging.

There is formed the hair follicle with the Sebaceous Gland which has every hair and who is it that is responsible for generating the amount of fat needed to protect the natural balance of your hair.

In addition we must not forget that in the scalp, it cohabits a microbial flora and microorganisms composed of different germs, coupled with impurities, dead cells, dandruff excess grease, which hinder the normal functioning of the skin of the scalp, and environmental dirt affecting its beauty.…

Health and beauty product

2015-06-03_180056On April 13, during the relaunch of M.F. Hair & Make – up Artists, in Rohrmoser, Redken marka presented its new lines of color. If specific lotions are used, we must strive to apply them in the scalp area only avoiding wet in excess so that it runs to the rest of the hair since this removed her natural lubrication and cause an unwanted dryness.

Always look for information about products that I have tried and I think is worth sharing, Klorane has always been present in my life, I remember him from very small with the shampoo to quinine, Chamomile, oat milk, and today continues to adapt to the new needs of my hair.

At this time are two products that combine, infallible and very useful for my time to beauty, brightness and nourish: one of Magnolia wax, took him using time, the other is new, date of the desert, I just know it and I feel fantastic.

This is the essence of this shampoo (and this range) making it coat the cuticle of the hair, helping to maintain a great moisturizing, protecting it from weather aggressions and preserving it from the negative effects of UV light, since it reflects them, thus becoming a natural shine and care plant shield.

The result I impacts, is visible: a gloss, the quality of the hair changes because in addition to the foregoing smooth scales and I find it flexible and pliable, not cakes and keeps a great lightness.…